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Valued as a reliable service provider, we have been able to offer the best quality of LPG Gas Pipeline Supply and Installation Services. Their cost effectiveness and systematic execution, make these LPG gas pipeline installation services highly demanded. To ensure timely execution, we have appointed a team of highly skilled & experienced professionals.

The core of the entire system is the manifold room which should be manned round the clock with trained personnel. It should have a suitable acoustic enclosure with 100% generator backup and fire security. The location should be marked clearly for ease of identification in the event of an emergency. It houses the control panel which allows a flow of 3000 L/min at 4.1 bar from the vacuum insulated evaporator (VIE) and relays alarm to secondary panels located throughout the hospital.

Oxygen :-

Continuous supply of oxygen is the primary requisite of any medical unit. According to BS EN 737-3:2000, there should be three independent supply sources.Primary, secondary, and a reserve source adequate to meet the demand in the event of primary and secondary supply failure. The manifold room should have 2 banks of D-type cylinders, each holding a minimum of 2 days consumption, attached to a fully automatic changeover control panel. Three-day consumption should be kept in reserve, as a contingency plan. Aluminium or steel cylinders with Kevlar or Carbon fibre outer shell allow higher filling pressure,enabling larger storage. Cylinders should be tested by manufacturers at intervals of 5 years.Besides, oxygen concentrators or pressure swing absorber system can supply a FiO2ranging from 0.95 to 0.97, strictly monitored by a paramagnetic oxygen analyser.Liquid oxygen is an economical and convenient form of oxygen storage. The cryogenic liquid is stored in a VIE, usually of the capacity of 5 KL or 10 KL, although smaller Cryospeedvessels are also available.VIE should be installed in a high security and fire safe zone after taking regulatory approval from the Fires and Explosives Act office in Nagpur.

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