Sewage Treatment plant :-

An increasing population producing larger volumes of waste water and the need to protect our environment from subsequent emissions are driving expansion of waste water treatment.HitechEnviro Solution’s is a Good service provider of all types of Sewage Treatment Plants (STP) in India. Whether, there is a need of packaged sewage treatment plant for hotels, industries, residential colonies, apartments, commercial buildings etc. we offer technologically advanced sewage treatment solutions for every industry. We are Chennai based company and offering Sewage Treatment Plant services all over India at competitive price.

HitechEnviro Solution’s has answers for call for improving your existing STP plant or installing new one. We have a separate team especially setup for site visit, consultancy and project management. Depending upon scope of work, we can design and install Packaged STP, Underground STP (RCC, MS and FRP Tanks) and Mobile containerized STP.

HitechEnviro Solutions provides complete system integration with the ability to utilize a wide spectrum of treatment options and the considerable experience offered from each of our key discipline teams ensures the final plant is both effective and robust in all areas. We have particular skills in environmental aspects of wastewater projects, such as noise, visual impact and clean air management (including odour control). We have designed and built enclosed and underground works, and are also able to advise on overall sludge disposal strategies, based on whole life cost analysis of alternatives. HitechEnviro Solutions broad expertise ensures that both the waste and sludge treatment facilities work in harmony resulting in the greatest return for our clients, lowering operating costs and providing consistently high standards of Sewage.

We have a particular strength in process commissioning and provide operational support for water treatment assets that we have designed and built. We offer below
Preliminary Treatment: Screening, grit and oil removal are done at preliminary treatment process.
Primary Treatment: Primary treatment involves removal of suspended solids up to 50% and reducing BOD level up to 30%.
Secondary Treatment: This is sometimes referred to Biological Treatment. Through biological processes, dissolved and suspended organic wastes are converted to more stable solids and removed by settling.
Tertiary Treatment: It is the final stage which involves physical, chemical and biological processes to remove residual suspended solids and dissolved solids.

Our Services For STP :-

Designing & manufacturing of equipment,

Installation with civil work

Complete project management,

On site visit and analysis,

Commissioning of the plant including training to operators,

After sales service and AMC programs.

We Design STP For Below :-

Factories, Hospitals, Colleges, Buildings, Hostels, Apartments, Homes, Industrial or Commercial Zones, Agro Based Industries,

STP Process we Follows :-

MBBR (Moving Bed Bio Reactor), FBBR (Fluidized Bed Bio Reactor), SBR (Sequence Batch Reactor), MBR (Membrane Bio Reactor), SAFF (Sub Merged Aerated Fixed Film).

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