Reverse Osmosis Plant’s :-

If you’re looking for a water purifier that will provide outstanding drinking water for your home or business, Reverse Osmosis (RO) filtration is one of the most popular and best water filtration methods available.Below you will find diagrams, charts and explanations to answers your questions about RO systems. If you have other questions which are not answered here, please call us. We design, manufacture and install RO Plant for drinking, commercial, industrial and laboratory research applications and juice concentration while meeting region specific water standards and certifications. Our industrial and Commercial RO plants are available in 100 LPH to 10,000 LPH flow rates or more. In addition to standard models, we also manufacture customized units based on your specific requirements such as flow rates, membrane types, and end use and operational and control choices. We assure you of unmatched price quote and product service.

RO Plant Pretreatment :-

An efficient pretreatment is essential to enhance performance, membrane life and overall operating cost. As particulate matter presents in raw water, it becomes mandatory to pre-treatment feed water in order to protect membranes from fouling or damaging, therefore, pre-treatment directly impacts the performance of reverse osmosis membranes. It is the quality of feed water, which decides which pre-treatment method is required; media filtration, UV filtration and Ultrafiltration are common reverse osmosis pretreatment solutions.

RO Plant Applications :-

Not every model of our commercial RO systems is suitable for your diverse needs; in order to make them feasible both mechanically and economically, we modify the existing machine, integrate pre and post filtration or design completely a new unit to meet your specific requirements.

Sometimes selection of a right reverse osmosis plant proves to be difficult; end use of water, flow rate and system control, there are numerous points that are to be discussed while ordering an industrial RO water plant or commercial RO system. You are requested to email us your queries so that our technical experts may help you.

Our engineering team closely works with you to develop a fully compatible RO Water Purifier System meeting required flow rates following standards and certifications.

Features :-

Made with Branded Membranes and Vessel’s,

FRP or SS Vessel’s,

Containerized mobile Systems,

Flow Rates 100 LPH to 10,000 or More,

Skid Mounted or Onsite Construction,

Meet Region Specific Water Quality Standard,

100 % Complete Documentation and Validation.

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