Activated Carbon Filter :-

Activated Carbon filtering is a method of filtering that uses a bed of activated carbon to remove contaminants and impurities, using chemical adsorption. Each particle/granule of carbon provides a large surface area/pore structure, allowing contaminants the maximum possible exposure to the active sites within the filter media. Granular activated carbon (GAC) is commonly used for removing organic constituents and residual disinfectants in water supplies. This not only improves taste and minimizes health hazards; it protects other water treatment units such as reverse osmosis membranes and ion exchange resins from possible damage due to oxidation or organic fouling.

Activated Carbon Filter Working Principle :-

An activated carbon filter (ACF) works on the principle of adsorption; filter medium adsorbs or reacts with a pollutant molecules then filtered water is drained out. Activated carbon which is used as medium to remove contaminants is natural material derived from coconut shell, lignite, bituminous coal etc. further, activated by chemical or steam under absence of oxygen with high temperature around 1000°C. Specific contaminants can be removed by employing blends of various carbons.

Activation Carbon Filter Design &Installation :-

We design, manufacture and install activated carbon filters (ACF) for industrial, commercial and domestic water treatment. Our ACFs utilize special highly activated carbons and are configured to meet industry specific requirements and flow rates. Often called pressure carbon filter (PCF), these filtration systems assure optimal carbon utilization, widely used in laboratory, commercial and industrial water treatment applications, where these units play a crucial role in pre-treatment for reverse osmosis, deionizer and softener plants. As an option, these ACFs are also fitted with steam sterilization system for regeneration of activated carbon bed.

From hundreds of nationwide installations, we have gained necessary technical experience in activated carbon filtration that makes us confident in providing you right suggestions and budgetary quotations. We assure you of competitive price, unmatched water quality and dedicated after sales support anywhere in India.

We offering industrial and commercial filter’s with Supply and Installing of Activated Carbon filters from 100 LPH to 10,000 LPH and more.

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